KTD1210, 10A 12/24v

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Charge controller

Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

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12/24V auto work             

KTD series is for off-grid solar system, such as home system, traffic system, CCTV system, street light, garden lights, parking area, and bus station.

It adopts the most advanced digital technique and operates fully automatically.

  • High efficient Series PWM charging
  • Gel, Sealed and Flooded battery compatible
  • Widely used, automatically recognize day/night
  • Intelligent timer function with different hours option
  • LED indicators indicate battery voltage state



Technical parameter

Model KTD1210
Rated charging current 10A  10A
Rated discharging current 10A
Short-current protection 40A
System voltage 12V/24V Auto adapt
Over current protection <1.3 maintain for 60s

<1.6 maintain for 5s

>1.6 shut down immediately

Stand-by lost  <5mA
Charge voltage drop ≤0.26V
Discharge voltage drop ≤0.15V
Max solar panel voltage 21V
Operating temperature -35℃ to +55℃
Equalize charging voltage  14.8V
Bulk charging voltage 14.5V
Acceptance charging voltage 14.2V
Float charging 13.8V
Charge return voltage 13.2V
Discharge stop voltage 11.2V
Discharge return voltage 12.6V
Control mode PWM( Pulse Width Modulation )
Maximum wire size 12AWG
Size/weight 133×70×35mm/150g