NPS Series Solar / PV Batteries

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Based on 18-year experience in research and development, we succeeded in developing NPS batteries mainly suitable for Solar / Wind power or Photovoltaic system and then we called it as PV batteries too. In fact, use of AGM batteries in deep cyclic applications is short sighted because the AGM batteries will fail prematurely indeed the AGM battery capacity will start to reduce from the day of installation. With the great help of Doctor Yoshida Masayoshi in Toyama University in Japan, we combine gel technologies with deep cycle technologies by putting some special elements in lead alloy and some additive in electrolyte to get much longer cycle life for NPS batteries.

Main Features:

Reduce cell failure due to premature dry out
Extend cycle service life by reducing plate corrosion
Gelled Thixotropic electrolyte
Meet EUROBAT (draft IEC 896-2), IEEE, JIS and BS 6290 Part 4, using UL certified components
10-year service life for 6 /12V NPS batteries and 15-year service life for 2V NPS batteries

Main Applications

Solar Photovoltaic / Solar / Wind power system

Alternative Energy Storage Wheelchair / Electric vehicle Boats/Marine/Navigational Aids

Charging method

It is recommended to use Constant Voltage method to charge NPS batteries. The charging voltage must be regularly checked. To optimize the battery performance, it is a must to ensure that the voltage is kept within the following limits.
Float Service: 2.25 1%V per Cell at 20/25 o C Cycle Service: 2.35 1%V per Cell at 20/25 o C