MPPT SRNE SR-ML 20A 12/24v

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Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT)

SR-ML series

12/24V auto work

SR-ML series With the advanced dual-peak or multi-peak tracking technology, when the solar panel is shadowed or part of the panel fails resulting in multiple peaks on the I-V curve, the controller is still able to accurately track the maximum power point.

  • Improve the energy utilization efficiency of photovoltaic systems
  • Raise the charging efficiency by 15% to 20% compared with the conventional PWM method.
  • Built-in running date and event logging
  • The product boasts an optimum MPPT tracking efficiency of up to 99.5%.
  • Instantaneous large current startup of capacitive loads is supported.
  • Multiple load control modes
Parameter Value
Model ML2420
System voltage 12V/24V Auto
No-load loss 0.7 W to 1.2W
Battery voltage 9 to 35
Max. solar input voltage 100V (25°C), 90V (-25°C)
Max. power point voltage range Battery voltage +2V to 75V
Rated charging current 20A
Rated load current 20A
Max. capacitive load capacity 10000uF
Max. photovoltaic system input power 260W/ 12V

520W/ 24V

Conversion efficiency ≤ 98%
MPPT tracking efficiency > 99%
Temperature compensation factor -3.0mv/ °C/ 2V (default)
Operating temperature -35°C to +45℃
Protection degree IP32
Weight 1.4kg
Communication method RS232
Altitude ≤ 3000m
Product dimensions 210*151*59.5mm